Cheryl Whitt

Editors note:   This article is an excerpt from one of a select few chosen for the inaugural print edition of New Focus Daily which debuted at SURVIVORville 2017.     We would like to thank Cheryl and her husband Raymon for sharing such a personal story with our SURVIVORville attendees and New Focus Daily readers, AND for all of the hair styling they did along with her amazing stylists at SURVIVORville 2017.  Your generosity and loving spirit, along with your stylists, will long be remembered!

Over the years, you experience love, loss, and everything in between. My husband was diagnosed with cancer just one year after we had been married.  He was only 23 years old.  Fortunately for him, this was caught early and after surgery and treatments he has been cancer- free for over 25 years. But, as the slogan of

Cheryl and her husband Raymon; Image courtesy of NFD contributor, Cheryl Whitt

WSA states, cancer doesn’t end when treatment does.   He has suffered through many illnesses over the years which stems back from either the cancer or the treatments.  There was no organization out there to educate or help us through what was to come mentally as well as physically.

This is the reason Queen C Hair supports the Women Survivors Alliance.  The education, empowerment, and connection that WSA provides women is something every person that is suffering or has suffered with cancer should be able to experience.  Queen C Hair donates a portion of every sale from the AIRess Collection to WSA.  This line of hair extensions was designed for anyone with fine and/or thin hair to help you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

Cheryl Whitt is President and CEO of Queen C Hair, a human hair extension company. She has also been a been a licensed hair stylist since 1993, while working with celebrities and your every day person, she has encountered numerous woman who have suffered with hair thinning issues, ranging from cancer to thyroid issues to vitamin deficiencies, with no discreet "hair" solutions and was determined to find an answer. After years of research and testing she created the AIRess Collection, exclusive to Queen C.

Cheryl is not only known as the Hair "Queen" but believes in taking care of yourself from inside as well as the outside. Nutrition, exercise and spirituality all play a major real in her life, as she states, "true beauty comes from the inside, Queen C simply helps you enhance the outside." Visit Cheryl at