Mother’s Day Series: Anita

From the Mother's Day Series: "Through Mine. Through Hers. Through Theirs." A Mom's Project of beauty, self-worth and unconditional love created by Lorna Dancey of Lorna Dancey Photography.   Through her eyes, she looks in the mirror

From the Mother’s Day Series: “Through Mine. Through Hers. Through Theirs.” A Mom’s Project of beauty, self-worth and unconditional love created by Lorna Dancey of Lorna Dancey Photography.  
Through her eyes, she looks in the mirror at the end of the day and sees that her clothes don’t fit the way they used to.  She sees that she is “fat”. She is also aware every day she doesn’t have the courage to follow her dreams and that weighs heavily on her. She feels it’s hard to step into the unknown when you don’t feel like your good enough to even dip your toe in – even for just a moment. She compares herself to people who are experts in the field and doesn’t think of how long it’s taken them to get there.  She feels stuck and that makes her sad.
Though my eyes I noticed how kind and gracious she looked. She has a face that draws you in and makes you smile. You know just by looking at her, she posses a heart of gold and cares genuinely about people. She’s a listener, a thinker. She isn’t one of those people who waits anxiously for a person to stop talking so she can have her turn. She actually wants to hear what you have to say and has a way of making you feel like you matter.

When I asked these children what they love about their Mom, they both couldn’t wait to tell me. They said EVERYTHING and fell over giggling. They love her hugs and her kisses, especially at bedtime after she reads to them. They said she is so happy and a lot of fun to be with. They love her cooking, especially the cakes she makes for them. When she goes away on a trip, they realize how much they miss her.  They said the hugs she gives when she comes back are the best hugs ever!


The Mom Project:  ‘Through Mine, Through Tours, Through Theirs’ was created out of teaching self-love.  As a photographer, Lorna Dancey wanted to inspire all Mom’s to be kind to themselves and see the good in everything they do and in every way they love. Lorna asked Mom’s one-by-one how they saw themselves. She then brought their children into the studio to share what they loved about their Mom. The results at times were life-changing.  She wanted each mom to see not what they saw as a woman or mother, but, in fact, what she saw. Most importantly, she wanted each Mom to celebrate themselves through the eyes of her own children and to see the importance of who they are so their children will do the same for themselves.

Lorna Dancey
As a social impact photographer, Lorna Dancey empowers people though her unique photography coupled with her genuine style of writing, that inspires hope and change in the world.

Lorna has the ability to capture the essence of truth in a world of unspoken and silent topics that relate to mental health, domestic abuse, cancer, homelessness and PTSD.

Lorna has interviewed and photographed over 200 individuals to draw attention and to help remove the stigma surrounding these very important topics. These topics consist of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide, cancer and much more in hopes of helping others who struggle to not feel so alone and realize they matter; and in doing so, Lorna is able to give a face to those who suffer in silence and for us all to realize we are not alone.