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What’s Your 2nd Act?

Every woman has a story. It is the story who she was and what she was doing before that dreadful day. She was at her son’s soccer game. She was planning her daughter’s wedding. She had just accepted a promotion... Read More

Celebrate Your Life!

There’s nothing like getting slapped with a cancer diagnosis to make you realize how short life is. How often are we running here, there and everywhere, forgetting to take the time to celebrate and enjoy life a... Read More
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Channeling Goldilocks

Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions put a lot of pressure on us. We want them to be meaningful, but not too difficult. We want to challenge ourselves, but not set ourselves up for failure. What’s a person to ... Read More
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A Co-Survivor’s Tale

Cancer doesn’t just come to call on the patient; it is a disease that pulls friends and family into its evil lair as well. And just as survivors must learn the meaning of “new normal,” so it is with their co-su... Read More

All I Want for Christmas

Get ready. It’s coming. It’s the holiday retail frenzy, featuring events like Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Is it time to add Support Survivors Sunday to the list? I hope so. Bu... Read More