What’s NFD? I always like to think fresh and out of the box. Ever since I became an entrepreneur, I was inspired and became

My Pain Woke Me Up Bliss is the first in a three-book series of a fictionalized account of true story, focused on survivorship.  The

  A couple of months ago, Dave Williams interviewed me for his Google Hangout for Cancer Coaches (check him out at http://findyournewnormal.com/). The prep I

How to bring humor back into your life. Three days after undergoing breast cancer surgery in December, ’94, I heard the doorbell ring downstairs from

When the holidays begin to arrive, I have to admit, I have had moments in the past where I have felt sad that I

While many people revel in Christmas, my wife loves the sanctity of Easter. So it was no surprise Lori wanted to attend sunrise Easter

We meet so many survivors who can easily recall their lives prior to a diagnosis, but for Metro Police Officer Tina Wiggs, life prior

Breast cancer is a scary and oftentimes devastating diagnosis. I am not trying to make light of it through business. I am a survivor, a

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