Don’t Let Cancer Get the BREAST of You!   That’s what I say.  I didn’t. Hello, my name is Jean Criss.   This is my 2nd act! I’m

  A couple of months ago, Dave Williams interviewed me for his Google Hangout for Cancer Coaches (check him out at The prep I

What would you do if you were told you were most certainly going to die? Would you accept your fate or would you do anything

A moment in the history of my life … 4:30  in the afternoon … standing in the aisle of the grocery store … the

The chief mission of the Women Survivors Alliance is to help women re-enter their lives after cancer. And one of the best ways to do

Do you remember the last handwritten card you received from a friend? Was it special? Did you keep it? Now imagine receiving an encouraging

When I first learned I had cancer, I was overwhelmed. I felt thrust in a foreign world of tests, treatments, procedures and their effects.

Everyone has a story. But for those of us who are cancer survivors, the story of who we were before our diagnosis and who

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