I didn’t know that such a day existed, but September


When you think of advocacy, you may think about people


The holiday season isn’t always filled with the joyous visions media presents. There are multiple stresses in getting to places, getting into lines, getting

By Monica Bryant, Esq., Chief Operating Officer, Triage Cancer   Lately, there has been a lot of news about open enrollment for health insurance coverage for 2018

When I heard this issue was themed, ”Get Happy,” I was totally in. I’m all about happy, even through the messy parts of life.

August 1st NFD introduced you to National Girlfriends Day with some great information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Here is more

Last year, I celebrated a (ahem…) milestone birthday.  About a year before that big day, I began to dream about how I’d love to

While I was prepping for an upcoming school visit, I was thinking about the themes of my new picture book, How I did it.

Want something to make you smile today? Well, here you go!  See what lovely Linda Ragsdale has to share today that is guaranteed to

Tax season is a great time to revisit your 2016 Financial Resolutions.  How much progress have you made?  Are you on the right track? 

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