Editor's note:  As we celebrate National Survivors Month, we celebrate amazing people like Cindy Small who are brave enough to share their journeys.    New

Mother’s Day is arriving soon for many and according to stats, it is the busiest holiday for restaurants, florists and Hallmark card stockers. But

The holiday season isn’t always filled with the joyous visions media presents. There are multiple stresses in getting to places, getting into lines, getting

When I heard this issue was themed, ”Get Happy,” I was totally in. I’m all about happy, even through the messy parts of life.

August 1st NFD introduced you to National Girlfriends Day with some great information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Here is more

August 1 is National Girlfriends Day. Girlfriends can be our sisters or mothers, cousins, neighbors, colleagues, or other important ladies in our lives.  They

Editor’s note:  WSA Summer 2017 Student Intern Shatoria Evans sat down with Pastor Breonus Mitchell of Mt. Gilead M.B. Baptist Church as part of a 2-part interview series.   We chose Father’s Day weekend to publish the first part of the interview, as a tribute to the courage Pastor Mitchell has demonstrated through his wife’s cancer diagnosis and sadly, her passing.  A devoted husband and father, he shares his story as a co-survivor.


While I was prepping for an upcoming school visit, I was thinking about the themes of my new picture book, How I did it.

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