Two years ago, I had the great opportunity to deliver the keynote at the Symposium for Gynecological Nurse Oncologists in Charlotte. As I planned

The process of moving and moving forward is very similar. At some point we need to look at what we’ve been lugging around and

The universe sometimes has a way of placing us on a road that we would have never chosen ourselves.  Sometimes it’s a moment or

“Photography is emotional storytelling through images. It’s the light and the casting of the shadows that enable us right to see right through to

We all want to be the best “self” we can be. However, sometimes there are behaviors and habits that get in the way of

A “festively fall” welcome to New Focus Daily (NFD) new readers, AND welcome back to our regular readers.   Our theme this month is “’Giving

Editors Note:  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we share one of our UNTOLD stories of Las Vegas Actress/Singer/Songwriter Rhayne Thomas. New Focus

New Focus Daily’s Cindy Chafin has been chatting with Colleen Johnson – also known as Granny Ruth Hogg – to discuss her amazing story

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