Most of us have several guys in our lives that we care about – significant others, husbands, sons, dads, brothers, and more.   June is

This is my second season of living part-time in a 55+ community in Florida and I’ve experienced the benefits and joy of living in

I know I cannot be the only one trying to find some beauty in what seems like a news cycle of nothing but troubling

Kids at home?  Well, we are bringing this fun and cute recipe back this week for all the family to enjoy!  These little nest

The world is experiencing unprecedented challenges with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our college students are impacted by these world and local events as they

April is Head/Neck Cancer Awareness Month. This is a type of cancer that everyone thinks they know about but actually unless one has become

Searching for gluten-free foods is the norm for me now, but sometimes it's still hard to walk through the grocery store bakery and see

March - even without the current challenging times of being in the midst of a troubling pandemic with COVID-19, March is always uncertain and