No Bake Bird Nest Cookies Time to make: 10 minutes Serves 24 Ingredients 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips (note:  substitute butterscotch chips or do a

Nothing says spring like a light and airy cake with fruit.  This recipe for a light and airy lemon blueberry cake is great because

New Focus Daily encourages our readers to take charge of their health.  You may – or may not – have seen a lot of

 I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana at The Touro Infirmary during the month of February. Those born in that month do suckle breast

Two years ago, I had the great opportunity to deliver the keynote at the Symposium for Gynecological Nurse Oncologists in Charlotte. As I planned

February is a great time of the year to take a look at heart health. For starters, it’s American Heart Month, which means a

When their eyes met, she knew. It was a chance of a lifetime: sharing the theater stage with the legendary Bob Denver.  Dreama Peery was

An incredible story with a twist of an ending and one that will leave you hanging on every word. An UNTOLD story from Lorna