I have made this recipe for years and still enjoy it! It's the perfect make-ahead snack for any unexpected guests or to have for

When I think about preparing for the holiday season, I’m usually focused first on an outcome. What’s the goal? For example, this year we’ll

I glanced at my calendar the other day and it hit me that the holiday season is upon us!  My to-do list is getting

Fall is here and cool weather means SOUP!  There is nothing better than a warm bowl of soup to brighten a rainy day here

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Lorna Dancey shares the most incredible and heartfelt story of Mackenzie and her mom. When they placed Mackenzie

Sometimes when an idea comes along, you find throughout your journey the idea doesn't just meet needs,  it also changes lives - sometimes even

UNPAID AND VERY REWARDING Upon retiring and after many years of the daily grind, it was crystal clear to me that while I didn’t want

October is Mental Health Awareness Month and New Focus Daily is dedicated to sharing stories of those who deal daily with carrying the burdens