With this pandemic keeping everyone indoors, finding opportunities for outside entertainment options has been pretty limited these days.  And forget about going to a

We know the world is experiencing unprecedented challenges, especially for our college students.  They are impacted by these world and local events as they

Had it not been for my dear friend, Sue Paist, I would have never known that nestled in the valley of Cannon County, Tennessee,

Oh, how we love our Chef Mary!  And, blueberries are one of her favorite fruits.  These little gems pack a potent punch. They rank

In life there are many seasons.  And as we have learned these past few months, seasons of change can be powerful.  Seasons are gifts given

Most of us have several guys in our lives that we care about – significant others, husbands, sons, dads, brothers, and more.   June is

This is my second season of living part-time in a 55+ community in Florida and I’ve experienced the benefits and joy of living in

I know I cannot be the only one trying to find some beauty in what seems like a news cycle of nothing but troubling