March - even without the current challenging times of being in the midst of a troubling pandemic with COVID-19, March is always uncertain and

In the early morning hours of March 3, 2020, a powerful storm system producing multiple, strong tornadoes ravaged Nashville and Central Tennessee, leaving 24 people

Welcome to NFD and to March!  One step closer to spring!   The one thing that is certain about March, it can be unpredictable, at

Here we are! February 29, 2020.  An extra day added to our 365-day year. Leap years occur every 4 years.  The 365-day year doesn’t

As the month that is all about hearts winds down, how is YOUR heart feeling?  February is the perfect month to show some love

Welcome to NFD and to February, the month of hearts!  I hope that January was a great launch into the new year for our

January is already almost over and soon we hit that time where New Year’s resolutions start to fall apart.  Or at least head towards

Editor's note:  This recipe originally published on 1/7/2017.  It is also affectionately known as "Sandee's Chicken and Dumplins" in honor of a dear childhood