If you are planning for a family get-together at the


I'm Laura Mac and I am BAAAACK!  And, believe it


If you are planning for a family get-together at the holidays, you will want to certainly transform your dining table into a holiday masterpiece.

Enjoy the latest in the Survivor Designer series featuring Laura Mac and her hottie hubby, Brent. Watch how they designed and installed a pergola

Editors note:  this article ran originally in April 2017.  We loved it so much we wanted to share with our new readers and with

Where you live can impact plans for gardening.  What blooms well in Tennessee might not bloom so well in Texas.  What flourishes in California

I was asked to share an easy and fun spring craft with New Focus Daily readers, and I immediately thought of painted mason jars. 

Looking for a fun and festive holiday craft? Look no more!  We have a great salt dough ornament craft that is EASY and that

You and I are a lot alike.  If you’re not outright addicted to watching home improvement shows, you’re likely a closet fan to some

Watch how Survivor Designer Laura Mac went to her closet to choose the paint color for her living room using her unique formula:  Inspiration

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