June is Men's Health Month, and there is nothing quite like getting out and enjoying the weather here in Tennessee. With this week also

As a many of you know, June is Men’s Health Month, the time of year when the country focuses on the health of men

Most of us love to be happy. Smiles and laughter go hand in hand.   Can laughter actually be good for our health?  You may

New Focus Daily encourages our readers to take charge of their health.  You may – or may not – have seen a lot of

 I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana at The Touro Infirmary during the month of February. Those born in that month do suckle breast

February is a great time of the year to take a look at heart health. For starters, it’s American Heart Month, which means a

By now, those New Year’s resolutions have been made.  Are you one of the millions who carefully drafted a New Year’s resolution list for

It’s National Yoga Month!  Are you someone who has always thought about trying yoga but still haven’t made it around to actually trying it?