Summer is here and by now, we’ve all been to events where there are big crowds or probably have some planned in the days

Some exciting changes are coming to New Focus Daily Magazine this summer and fall.  The magazine is now five years old and we’ve been

New Focus Daily’s Cindy Chafin chatted with Colleen Johnson – also known as Granny Ruth Hogg – to discuss her amazing story of survivorship

As columnist for New Focus Daily, I’ve thought about self-awareness women and men need to know about to live a healthy lifestyle. Since May and

In March I saw an announcement that Niagara Falls would be illuminated burgundy and white/ivory, on Tuesday, April 3 for 15 minutes, to honor

[caption id="attachment_4552" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image courtesy of Linda Ragsdale[/caption] As I’m writing this, I’m charged and challenged to see how I can spread the love

At a time when the commitment to your resolutions may be falling behind, falling off, or completely abandoned – hold on! And if you’re

 New York, December 28, 2017,  by author & columnist, Jean Criss As a breast cancer survivor I always wanted to give back and do more

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