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Tina Adams is the founder of Walk of Women Inc. She is a 38 year old mother of two daughters who was diagnosed in 2009 with Stage 3B cervical cancer. After undergoing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, she organized a walk to raise money to fund a program called WOW. Wellness Of Women offers financial assistance for medications, transportation, dietitian appointments and yoga classes. Words Of Women offers a monthly support group for women going through treatment of a gynecological cancers, women survivors and co-survivors. Walk Of Women is a 7K event raising money for the WOW program.  Read more about Tina at <a href="http://www.walkofwomen.com">http://www.walkofwomen.com</a>

In May 2013, the Women Survivors Alliance asked women everywhere to submit essays, writing on this theme: Cancer was the journey, survivorship was the