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During her career of more than 30 years in the beauty and fashion industries, Sherry Abbott has conducted business and supported philanthropic initiatives around the globe. Sherry’s life abruptly came to a halt in 1989 when she was diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer with inoperable tumors around her heart and told she had no chance for survival. Now, as the executive director of Beauty Gives Back, the charitable foundation of Canada’s beauty industry, and a member of the Women Survivors Alliance board of directors, Sherry brings a wealth of first-hand insight and understanding of the cancer journey and its impact on women and their families. Learn more about Sherry and her work at <a href="http://beautygivesback.ca">http://beautygivesback.ca </a>

For the majority of women, a cancer diagnosis can unleash as many emotional symptoms as physical ones. Because of the great work many groups


In May 2013, the Women Survivors Alliance asked women everywhere to submit essays, writing on this theme: Cancer was the journey, survivorship was the