Mitra Mosfoti 1POSTS

As if developing prenatally inside a stage III breast cancer placenta during a war with Iraq were not enough, Mitra Mostofi narrates her journey on what it takes to also survive an identity crisis as a white immigrant raised in a non-affluent black neighborhood, not rich enough to be cool enough with her royal-like ex-pat family. She’d had many life-altering events, but it wasn't until she reached a quagmire of life-and-death thoughts through her own journey with breast cancer at the age of 27 that she found the courage to set out on a self-awakening path. Now 35, after being in the medical field for 10+ years she is leading her path in building an interactive website to continue her contemplative work for herself in hopes that she can build a wellness center to focus on mind/body awareness.

Sex, mammograms, and an oh-so cleansing enema, all brought forth for reading enlightenment, and mind-body awareness from a journey of a twenty-seven year-old breast