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Dr. Janet Lynn Roseman is an Assistant Professor in Medicine at Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine. She is an expert in spirituality and medicine and is the Course Director the Sidney Project in Spirituality and Medicine and Compassionate Care(TM), an innovative program that teaches physicians how to bring their best selves forward when working with their patients. She was a David Larson Fellow in Spirituality and Medicine at the Kluge Center for Scholars at the Library of Congress, and recently received the Presidents Community Practice Award from Lesley College for her work. Dr. Roseman is the author of several books and profession publications and trains oncology healthcare workers in arts based compassionate medicine. She can be reached at Dancejan@aol.com.

Editors note:  In last month's NFD, we heard from author Janet Lynn Roseman on WHY she chose Joan of Arc for her book as


If Joan of Arc Had Cancer: Courage, Faith and Healing from History's Most Inspired Woman Warrior, Author, Janet Lynn Roseman, Ph.D., Publisher New World