Team Work

As a Big Ten graduate (Michigan State - Go Green!), team work for me has always meant a well executed pass for a touchdown, or a three point shot that leaves the crowd breathless. But team work around the Big 1... Read More

Lending Color

Emily Calvo is a freelance creative director/copywriter whose clients include design firms, advertising agencies, corporations, publishers and non-profit organizations. She has survived both breast and APL leuk... Read More

Defeating the Emperor

Mirchelle Louis is the CEO of Cancer Support Community North Texas. This piece, which appeared in The Dallas Morning News on March 9, 2015, is a fabulous perspective on why managing cancer survivorship also nee... Read More

Annie Parker Decoded

Annie Parker Decoded is the personal memoir of a woman who, after losing both her mother and sister to breast cancer at an early age, went on to survive three different cancers herself. Annie and other family m... Read More

The Beat Goes On

The human heart is an amazing machine. It beats about 100,000 times per day, about 35 million times in a year, and hopefully, if one watches one’s Ps and Qs, more than two billion in a lifetime. It’s forc... Read More
What's Nou_Nou Magazine

Welcome to NFD

What’s new? The year is new, and so are we! We often say cancer draws a line in the sand of life. There’s the you before cancer and the NEW YOU after cancer. So we couldn’t think of a better name for our beauti... Read More