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Erica Rains is CEO of The Chef and I located in Nashville, TN. Erica, and husband Chef Chris Rains offer a restaurant which features an interactive culinary experience. Cooking classes, catering, and a supper club are all some of the great services provided by The Chef and I. Everything is individualized and DELICIOUS! For those with special dietary needs or want to learn to cook as part of managing their health conditions, the Chef and I is happy to accommodate. Erica and Chris are no strangers to working with clients who are managing a variety of health conditions and have special dietary needs. They have been touched by cancer having several friends and family who have experienced a cancer diagnosis. Please visit the Chef and I to learn more at www.thechefandicatering.com or e-mail Erica at Erica@thechefandicatering.com.

As we head into 2016, families are looking for ways to spend more time together in a healthy way. Chef Chris Rains, Executive Chef