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Anne Elise O'Connor is a five-time cancer survivor and an Emmy award-winning TV Writer and Producer. In between having body parts removed or radiated, Anne Elise proved she is a proud Bostonian and a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation by writing and producing a TV series about the fans reaction to the Red Sox finally winning the World Series 86 long years after trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Dramatica! is Anne Elise's fuchsia-boa-wearing alter ego. Dramatica! is the resourceful, calm, fun-loving, and emotionally strong chocolate fanatic Anne Elise calls upon when she is feeling overwhelmed, scared, or sorry for herself. Dramatica! has helped Anne Elise deal with all sorts of crises, from another cancer diagnosis to a pair of shoes she absolutely loves that are not on sale. Together, Dramatica! and Anne Elise, share their irreverent, insightful, and entertaining opinions to help women deal with Life After 55 - the Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected - at www.DramaticaDealsWith.com. Information about Cancer Survivorship can be found in the "Unexpected" category because in her wildest imagination Anne Elise did not even consider getting past cancer would present another set of challenges!

Editors note:   This article was one of a select few chosen for the inaugural print edition of New Focus Daily which debuted at SURVIVORville