Just the title itself made me giggle in a southern slang only a Georgia/Tennessee girl

When you think of advocacy, you may think about people lobbying government officials for policy

She was simply enjoying a meal in the Oberor Hotel’s Tiffin Restaurant when two young

Be Courageous, Be Strong  Welcome to New Focus Daily (NFD) new readers, AND welcome back to

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Absolutely Thankful for the Door That Was Slammed Shut I am thankful for many things.  Think for a moment about the

Every woman has a story. It is the story who she was and what she was doing before that dreadful

When this article posts, I will be sightseeing in beautiful Alaska!  Which is why I chose the photo of an

Contributed by Cindy Chafin, Women Survivors Alliance Project Director and NFD Editor     Did you know that colon cancer is the second

Editors note:  I asked NFD reader and Women Survivors Alliance supporter Jen Niederwerfer to share her story about adopting her

When I was six years old, there was a period of several months when I was terrified of my bedroom